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Opracowane przez FIP zawory kulowe TKD DUAL BLOCK® prezentują najwyższy standard w projektowaniu armatury z materiałów termoplastycznych. TKD to zawór rozdzielająco-mieszający z uniwersalnymi śrubunkami True Union, który spełnia najbardziej rygorystyczne wymagania w zastosowaniach przemysłowych.


  • Ergonomic HIPVC handle equipped with removable tool to adjust the ball seat carrier. Possibility of installing the LTKD stroke limiter (available as an accessory) that permits ball and handle rotation only for set opening and closing angles at 90° or 180°
  • Handle lock 0°- 90° SHKD (available as an accessory) ergonomically operable during service and padlockable
  • DUAL BLOCK® patented lock system that ensures union nut tightening hold even in severe conditions such as vibrations or heat dilation
  • Ball shutter high surface finish with floating type full passage with T or L port
  • 4 PTFE ball seat system that compensates axial force guaranteeing optimal manageability and long working life
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40 - - System PVC-U System PVC-U PVC-U 20 15 54 29 67
49 - - System PVC-U System PVC-U PVC-U 32 25 69,5 39 85
64 - - System PVC-U System PVC-U PVC-U 50 40 89 52 108
76 - - System PVC-U System PVC-U PVC-U 63 50 108 62 134
  • Connection system for solvent weld, threaded and flanged joints
  • Patented SEAT STOP® ball carrier system that lets you micro-adjust ball seats and minimise axial force effects
  • Easy radial dismounting allowing quick replacement of O-rings and ball seats without any need for tools
  • PN16 True Union valve body made for rigid PVC-U injection moulding equipped with built-in bores for actuation. ISO 9393 compliant test requisites
  • Option of dismounting downstream pipes with the valve in the closed position
  • High surface finish stem with double O-Ring and double connection key to the ball, equipped with visual ball position indicator for correct handle installation
  • Integrated bracket for valve anchoring
  • Possibility of installing pneumatic and/or electric actuators thanks to the robust anchor tower for easy and quick automation using the Power Quick module (optional)
  • Possibility to have handle with integrated LSQT limit micro switch, even as a retrofit in existing installations