Double junction bulb pH Electrodes with glass body
FLS 400 line of pH/ORP electrodes with glass body has been designed for fitting a wide range of applications. The ceramic junction guarantees high performances in terms of pressure and temperature. Different types of ceramic junction allow finding the proper solution in according with application needs: annular for a faster response time, 3-diaphragm for higher pressure rate. Moreover the standard double junction prevents the contamination of reference solution granting a long operating time. Version with long outline cable (9 mt) or with head connection (S7) are available.
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PH431CD - - Automatyka Automatyka 0-13 pH* Not required 9 mt (27 ft.) GEG135
PH435CD - - Automatyka Automatyka 0-14 pH* CE5S7 S7 GEG135 $ GEG135SE $ EG135FS $ EG135FL
  • APPLICATIONS • Water treatment • Neutralization systems • Water quality monitoring • Process control • Agriculture and fertilizing systems • Plating plant and tannery • Cooling towers and scrubbers MAIN FEATURES • Glass body • Sensors suitable for extreme applications • Installation easy and cheap • Cheap adaptors for installations • Special versions available on request • High performance electrodes