M9.08.PX - M9.08.WX

pH/ORP & Flow Monitor and Transmitter
pH/ORP & Flow Monitor and Transmitter
FLS M9.08 is a dual monitor which combines pH/ ORP and flow measurements. A wide full graphic display 4” shows measured values clearly and a lot of other useful information. Moreover, due to a multicolor display plus a powerful backlight, measurement status can be determined easily from afar also. A tutorial software guarantees a mistake-proof and fast set up of every settings. Different type of calibrations can be performed to fit user needs for both measurements. A 4-20mA output dedicated to each measurement grants to remote values to a external device. A proper combination of digital outputs allows customized setups for any process to be controlled. The USB port on the rear part allows the upgrade of software offering a wide range of customization services both standard and on request.
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M9.08.PX - M9.08.WX
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M9.08.P1 - - Automatyka Automatyka Panel 12 - 24 VCC 3/4 wire pH/ORP $ temperature $ Flow (Frequency) 2*(4-20mA) $ 2*(S.S.R.) $ 2* (mech. relay) 550
M9.08.W1 - - Automatyka Automatyka Wall 12 - 24 VCC 3/4 wire pH/ORP $ temperature $ Flow (Frequency) 2*(4-20mA) $ 2*(S.S.R.) $ 2* (mech. relay) 650
M9.08.W2 - - Automatyka Automatyka Wall 110 - 230 VCA 3/4 wire pH/ORP $ temperature $ Flow (Frequency) 2*(4-20mA) $ 2*(S.S.R.) $ 2* (mech. relay) 750
  • APPLICATIONS • Water treatment and regeneration • Industrial waste water treatment and recovery • Scrubber control • Neutralization systems • Heavy metals recovery • Metal surface coating • Processing and manufacturing industry • Chemical production • Swimming pools and SPA MAIN FEATURES • Wide graphic display • Multicolor backlight visualization • Help on board • Simultaneous measurement of pH/ORP and flow • Intuitive calibration procedures • Mechanical relay for external device control • Solid State Relays for programmable alarms • Multilanguages menĂą • USB port for software upgrading