Przepustnica z odkrytym czpieniem, wersja Lug ISO-DIN
FK to przepustnica międzykołnierzowa do odcinania lub regulacji przepływu. Charakterystyka konstrukcyjna czyni ją idealną do zastosowań przemysłowych wymagających wysokiej wydajności i długotrwałej niezawodności. Dźwignia zaworu wyposażona jest w okienko z wymienną etykietą pozwalającą na opis np. lokalizacji zaworu na instalacji.


  • Ergonomic handle in HIPVC equipped with locking and unlocking device, release, quick operation and graduated adjustment in 10 intermediate positions (DN 40Ă·200). The operating range, starting from the first few degrees of valve opening, also guarantees extremely low pressure drops.
  • Customisable Labelling System: integrated module in the handle, made of a transparent protection plug and a customisable tag holder using the LSE set (available as an accessory). The customisation lets you identify the valve on the system according to specific needs.
  • STAINLESS steel square section stem completely isolated from the fluid complying with standard ISO 5211: DN 40Ă·65: 11 mm DN 80Ă·100: 14 mm DN 125Ă·150: 17 mm DN 200: 22 mm DN 250Ă·400: 27 mm
  • Body in polypropylene based compound reinforced with fibreglass (PP-GR) resistant to UV rays and characterised by high mechanical strength.
  • Drilling pattern using oval slots that allow coupling to flanges according to numerous international standards. The special self-centring inserts in ABS supplied for DN 40Ă·200 guarantee the correct axial alignment of the valve during installation. For DN 250Ă·400 valves, the drilling pattern for the selfcentring system is of the traditional type according to DIN and ANSI standards.
  • Interchangeable liner with the dual function of forming a hydraulic seal and isolating the body from the fluid.
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Indeks - Wymiar Kategoria produktu System Materiał d DN PN product.detail.attribute.øA B1 B2 f H U Z Masa
FKOLFFM075F - - System PVDF System PVDF PVDF 75 65 10 145 119 80 M16 165 4 46 1500
FKOLFFM090F - - System PVDF System PVDF PVDF 90 80 10 160 133 93 M16 185 12 49 2350
FKOLFFM110F - - System PVDF System PVDF PVDF 110 100 10 180 147 107 M16 211 8 56 2700
FKOLFFM140F - - System PVDF System PVDF PVDF 140 125 10 210 167 120 M16 240 8 64 4350
FKOLFFM160F - - System PVDF System PVDF PVDF 160 150 10 240 180 134 M20 268 8 70 5150
FKOLFFM225F - - System PVDF System PVDF PVDF 225 200 10 295 227 161 M20 323 8 71 7900
  • Interchangeable Disk in PVDF with through shaft, available in different thermoplastic materials: PVC-U, PP-H, PVC-C, ABS Overall dimensions of the valve in accordance with standard ISO 5752 (DN 40Ă·200 Medium Series 25, DN 250Ă· 300 Long Series 16) and DIN 3202 K2 and ISO 5752 (DN 65Ă·200 K2, DN 250Ă·300 K3) Can also be installed as an end line valve, bottom discharge valve or tank dump valve [1:Special Lug version] PN 10 fully drilled according to DIN 2501 or ANSI B16.5 cl.150 [1:with molded-in AISI 316 stainless steel threaded inserts] Possibility of installing a manual reducer or pneumatic and/or electric actuators by applying an ISO standard drilling PP-GR flanges. DN 40 Ă· 200 valve equipped with plate with rack in PP-GR. For actuated versions with flange drilled according to ISO 5211 F05, F07, F10. DN 250Ă·300 valve, fitted with one-piece top flange in high mechanical strength PP-GR with mounting flange for internal components drilled according to standard ISO 5211 F10 (excluding DN 350Ă·400), F12, F14. Possibility to have handle with integrated LSQT limit micro switch, even as a retrofit in existing installations