C-PVC Inductive Conductivity Transmitter with Temperature Sensor (Pt100) included
FLS C6.30 is a family of inductive conductivity transmitters which are made by a 4-20mA output device (two wire technology) integrated onto an inductive conductivity sensor. This type of measurement technology allows a broad range of applications especially to measure high values of conductivity (till 1000 millisiemens) in aggressive fluids (C-PVC is the only wetted material). As no electrodes are directly in contact with liquid, a reliable and stable measurement is guaranteed for a long operating time. A proper automatic temperature compensation (ATC) is granted by a Pt100 integrated into instrument body. The isolated 4-20mA output is perfect for direct connections to PLCs or data loggers without any extra interfaces. Transmitter as well as temperature sensor are supplied already calibrated.
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C6.30.01 - - Automatyka Automatyka Pt100 included 0-10 mS/cm 3 m 1 1/2" NPT male threaded
C6.30.02 - - Automatyka Automatyka Pt100 included 0-100 mS/cm 3 m 1 1/2" NPT male threaded
C6.30.03 - - Automatyka Automatyka Pt100 included 0-1000 mS/cm 3 m 1 1/2" NPT male threaded
  • APPLICATIONS • Water treatment • Waste water treatment • Cooling towers • Scrubber systems • Metal finishing Coating and corrosion fluid measurement MAIN FEATURES • Corrosion & coating resistant • Compact transmitter • No calibration required • Easy installation • Pt100 sensor integrated • Suitable for submersible installation