SS Body and Electrodes Conductivity Sensors with Temperature Sensor (Pt1000) included
FLS conductivity sensors with stainless steel electrodes (C100 series) are designed for agriculture application and for light industrial application obviously where sample conditions allow a steel using (water treatment, foods industry and others). This type of sensors are characterized by a considerable ratio performance/price. The combination of temperature sensor with the ATC (Automatic Temperature Compensation) function of the monitor/transmitter allows to get a precise measurement. Moreover a wide number of cell constants grants to choose the best item for specific application. C300 serie has been designed for ultrapure water monitoring (certified cell constant 0,01) and for waste water application (cell constant 10). C300 sensors are completely made in SS ensuring suitability for a wide range of applications.
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C300.001.TCCK - - Automatyka Automatyka Simplified Cell constant 0.55 [CS:Simbolo:μ]S/cm to 200 [CS:Simbolo:μ]S/cm (18,2M[CS:Simbolo:Ω] to 5K[CS:Simbolo:Ω] *cm) 0,01 3 m EG12SS 150
C300.001TC - - Automatyka Automatyka - 0.55 [CS:Simbolo:μ]S/cm to 200 [CS:Simbolo:μ]S/cm (18,2M[CS:Simbolo:Ω] to 5K[CS:Simbolo:Ω] *cm) 0,01 3 m EG50P, $ EG75P, $ EG12SS 150
C300.10TC - - Automatyka Automatyka - 10 [CS:Simbolo:μ]S/cm to 200000 [CS:Simbolo:μ]S/cm 10 3 m EG50P, $ EG75P, $ EG12SS 150
  • APPLICATIONS • Agriculture and fertilizing system • Water treatment • Foods industry • Aquaculture • Ultrapure water application: production and use MAIN FEATURES • Stainless steel measuring surfaces • Considerable ratio performance/price • Temperature sensor included • Wide range of cell constant • Rugged sensor body in PP (C100) • Sensor in SS completely (C300) • C300.001TCCK with certified cell constant