Bulb ORP Electrodes with epoxy body
This FLS line of electrodes has been designed to provide a cost effective multipurpose solution for in line or submersion measurement of pH and ORP in a wide range of applications. Single and double junction versions are available as well as models with or without quick disconnect top caps. Moreover for automatic temperature compensation function (ATC) a pH option with temperature sensor integrated is available. These epoxy body electrodes can stand several applications thanks to the high chemical resistance of the material. A simple and reusable gland can be used for economic electrode in-line mounting while a ½” or ¾” coupler with a pipe extension is enough for submersion mounting. A special version is dedicated to installation on FLS T fitting as well as to FLS clamp saddle adding just a nut.
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ORP200C - - Przyrządy pomiarowe i kontrolne FLS LINE Singol junction ± 2000 mV Not required 5m $ (16,5 ft.) Cable EG50P $ EG75P $ MK150200 $ MIFV20X05 $ MIMC20X05 200
ORP222CD - - Przyrządy pomiarowe i kontrolne FLS LINE Double junction ± 2000 mV CN 653 Twist-lock (BNC) EG50P $ EG75P $ MIFV20X05 $ MIMC20X05 90
ORP223CD - - Przyrządy pomiarowe i kontrolne FLS LINE Double junction for FLS fittings ± 2000 mV CN 653 Twist-lock (BNC) F3.SP2.4 100
  • APPLICATIONS • Water treatment • Neutralization systems • Water quality monitoring • Swimming Pools and spas • Aquaculture • Agriculture and fertilizing systems • Process control MAIN FEATURES • Epoxy body • Single or double junction technology • Large gel reference volume • Easy and quick installation system • Outline cable or BNC connection • Version with temperature sensor combined • Special versions on request • Low cost fittings